HackVerse Tracks and Sample Solutions

The HackVerse 2.0 mascot, Cody will be briefing you on the tracks of HackVerse.

Greetings, skipper! Welcome to the starboard of the HackVerse submarine! Today we shall be charting out the itinerary of your underwater voyage. You and your crewmates must use one of the following currents of the Arabian Sea to arrive at your destination.

nitk beach

Track 1: Let’s Have Fun!

Over the past few months, there’s been quite a bit of boredom among us. The forces of gaming and coding must combine and speedrun through creating the ultimate entertainment application. Only then shall humanity be freed from the dungeons of dullness, and released into the land of leisure and excitement…

For this track, create or modify a piece of software dedicated to entertainment and fun. This would include things like building a new video game, reviving abandonware games by adding new features, and creating any fun application containing audio and/or video.

A rather ambitious instance of such a software would be an application which listens to a person singing, identifies the song, and plays the corresponding karaoke track matching the tempo of the singer in real time.

Track 2: Let’s Connect!

Staying connected online in the Era of the Lockdown has perhaps been the only thing keeping us going. Almost all forms of social interaction have been ported online, whether it’s Work From Home, online classes, or virtual freshers parties!

lets connect pawri meme

Along this track, you’d be building a solution which acts as an online substitute for a conventionally offline social gathering or interaction.

A specimen of such a hack could be a dedicated alumni reunion application. Guess it’s about time I reconnected with my long-lost buccaneers from diving school!

Track 3: Let’s Stay Fit!

Being a scuba diver, I must maintain my fitness at all times to explore the depths of the ocean. To keep a tab on my fitness levels, I’ve filled up my smart goggles to the brim with apps which monitor my daily activity.

If you choose to follow this track, you’d be creating a solution which shall help your fellow humans (and my fellow divers!) in maintaining their health.

An idea for a solution in this field could be an application which intelligently suggests a workout routine based on the health and fitness of the user. Gotta hustle for that muscle!

Track 4: Let’s Go Contactless!

Before the pandemic, there were certain things which conventionally required human interaction. But thanks to the work of countless hackers across the globe, we now have contactless alternatives for dozens of things which required physical contact.

Drawing inspiration from this community, build a solution which embraces the idea of going contactless.

An instance for such a solution would be building a truly contactless biometric system, which replaces traditional fingerprint authentication. You could also perhaps build a contactless steering system for your submarine!

Track 5: Let’s Stay Safe!

Defend your submarine against the Trojan Seahorse!

For this track, you’d be building a cybersecurity solution for securing a computer, server, electronic system, network, data, or similar from malicious attacks carried out by black hat seahorses.

hackerman meme

A possible solution in this domain would be to create a secure chat application. Sounds like unchartered territory? Check out this Make With HackVerse tutorial to build one!

Track 6: Let’s Innovate!

The mother of humankind’s most important abilities, innovation has impacted essentially all domains of our life, whether it’s pulling off emergency all-nighters under an LED bulb, conserving fossil fuels by using electric cars, or viewing this blog post on a smartphone!

This track represents the boundlessness of the ocean. The grounds (or *cough* the seas) are open for innovation. Come up with any innovative hack that could make your everyday life easier.

bill gates meme

Speaking of making life easier during the age of online classes, an instance of an innovative solution could perhaps be building an MS Teams Auto-Attender!