HackVerse 3.0 Tracks and Sample Solution

Hello there, I’m back! Oh don’t tell me you forgot me, Cody, your mascot for Hackverse 3.0.

Want to provide terrific solutions using all that you know, but have no idea in which direction to go? Don’t scratch your head all day long, just hop into my cosmic express and come along. Let’s explore together land, space and sea; I’ve planned to take you beyond The Andromeda Galaxy. There are opportunities everywhere, choose a track; there are hurdles there, provide a hack. Time to heal the world, roll up your sleeve; all you gotta do is Imagine, Believe, Achieve!

HackVerse 3.0 presents to you this year’s tracks:

TRACK 1 - CosMic Express

Get up in the middle of a boring day, pack your bags and set out to explore the unknown, taking it for granted that the journey will be hassle-free. Or, chat with a friend and hatch plans to take down the likes of Meta and Google without bothering about the masked guy sitting in an unknown hideout and reading your chats. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

For this track, create anything which gives an insight on better communication and transportation of individuals. Better transportation could be with respect to speed or ease of travel, better communication could be between individuals, machines or even between an individual and machine, making communication faster and much safer (giving everyone the privacy they deserve).

The transport domain could include ideas such as a flying taxi at the Dubai expo and Uber elevate. This would require image segmentation to identify obstacles, navigation technology to manage air traffic, and various other components require software solutions. Hyperloop requires high speed communication to control brake and propulsion systems and uses RTOS (Real Time Operating Systems). There are software solutions that can be made in this domain. The digital communication industry is another fast evolving industry with new and creative technologies appearing every year. Voice commands and gesture recognition are finding more places in HCI (Human Computer Interaction). There are many fun and creative technologies like AR (Augmented Reality) that can be explored in this domain too.

TRACK 2 - AndroMedia

‘Entertainment’, a term so vague that it could encapsulate almost any activity performed by humans, something so intertwined with all of our lifestyles. All of us have our comfort activities, something we do in our pyjamas at the end of a long day, be it playing games, reading books or watching web series. Most of these activities have now shifted online and require some sort of device or application catering to our entertainment needs.

Along this track, you would be building something that simply entertains, it could be a game, a mobile or PC application, maybe even virtual or augmented reality. The digital entertainment industry is getting bigger than ever. Microsoft has made the largest acquisition in gaming history by acquiring Activision Blizzard (worth 68.7 Billion USD).

In this field you can come up with innovative ways of entertainment. It can be games, gamified activities, taking your favourite radio-station online (podcast related softwares), infotainment, AI assisted theme selection based on your likes (for OS, browser, home lighting), etc.

TRACK 3 - Plan-et Well

We have all learnt what sustainable development is in our textbooks, and now it is probably the single most important point to keep in mind before we carry on with any sort of development. We certainly are not at the healthiest stage with respect to Mother Earth, coming out of a severe pandemic with clouds of climate change looming over our heads since the last few decades. It would be safe to say we are at the most delicate time in the history of our planet.

For this track, you would be creating something that makes an environmental impact, which may be related to climate change, global warming or even making the best use of the resources on hand.

A rather ambitious instance of such a software would be an application which uses satellite images to capture illegal deforestation or wildfire. Another example of a software that will assist nature would be to maintain a “nature health index” for different pin codes on Earth, which is based on various factors like air quality, vegetation, and climate. This will help people to track the state of their environment and improve the conditions.

TRACK 4 - HealThyself

The healthcare industry has turned out to be the most dependable and sought after industry during the pandemic. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the developments in the next few years will also be targeted towards the same. The frontline warriors, as they are rightly called, risked their lives to save ours, and it’s only fair if we supply them with the best technology to make their jobs a little easier.

If you choose to follow this track, you will be developing an application to improve the current scenario in the health care sector. It can be automation, or it can be an app which records all health parameters and suggests whether to check any particular body part. AI assisted diagnosis is something that can complement doctors and prevent certain diseases from going undetected.

TRACK 5 - Hack-a-block

The year was 2013, and a new word ‘selfie’ made its way into every conversation, gathering and photo session eventually becoming the word of the year. The usage of the words ‘crypto’, ‘blockchain’ and ‘bitcoin’ have seen a similar exponential rise in the last few years. The impact of blockchain has been enormous, everywhere around the world and crypto currency is very truly on it’s way to becoming the ‘NEW NORMAL’.

For this track you will have to develop an application that uses blockchain technology, which you can further relate to cryptocurrency as well. Some implementations of blockchain other than cryptocurrency include Secure Electronic Voting System (Secure EVS).

TRACK 6 - Xplor

How barren would the world be without curious minds around us who are always exploring the endless possibilities to transform mundane things into something worth glancing at more than once! Everything around us was at some point ‘just another thing’ until someone went on an exploration trip to find the extra in the ordinary.

If you choose this track you would be working on a project which is along the lines of innovation and exploration of new possibilities from the existing technology.

HackVerse 3.0 promises you lots of learning and lots of fun. Good luck! Cody signing off, see ya!